5 FREE Pregnancy Tracking Apps

Are you expecting? Congratulations! While growing a baby (or two or three), there are so many changes happening — and things to do — that tracking your pregnancy on your phone may help you keep things together. Have you wondered what fruit your baby is the size of each week? Some phone apps will let you know! By using a pregnancy tracker app, you’ll be more tuned in to what is going on with your baby and your body and you’ll be able to keep track of all things pregnancy.

Check out these 5 FREE Pregnancy Tracking Apps to guide your journey into motherhood.

5 Free Pregnancy Tracking Apps

1. What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker

This app, just like the “What to Expect” book, gives each mom-to-be answers to commonly asked questions and concerns. You’ll be able to see week-by-week details and illustrations as baby grows, receive daily pregnancy tips and you can read and post questions on the pregnancy and parenting forums. Plus, create a picture slideshow of your changing belly bump!

2. BabyCenter – My Pregnancy Today

This app lets you manage your health and weight gain with tips and recipes for eating well. This app is from the popular BabyCenter resource and helps prepare moms for their upcoming baby’s birth. Learn about how your baby and body are growing and changing — and see images of baby’s fetal development. You can receive reminders to alert you to appointments, etc., and get weekly notifications on your progress. BabyCenter also offers apps for parenting.

3. I’m Expecting – Pregnancy App

Wondering about those strange cravings you’re having and nervous about if that tingling in your fingers is normal? With this app, you can track your symptoms and compare them with other pregnant women’s symptoms. This MedHelp app allows you to add doctor appointments, get reminders about events, monitor your weight and more. You’ll also receive weekly updates on baby’s growth and you can connect with other moms-to-be for advice and support. Upload your pregnancy photos on this app, too.

4. BabyBump Pregnancy Free

Stay informed on your pregnancy — and share it all with your friends and family! With this app, you can count down the time remaining until delivery. You’ll receive tips and info on baby’s growth, along with changes you can expect to your body each week. This app also allows you to track your weight, mood, energy, appetite, morning sickness and more. When it comes time for labor, this app also provides a timer for contractions.

5. Happy Pregnancy Tracker

Put a widget for this app on your phone’s home screen and you can access all the info from one click. Schedule doctor appointments and ultrasounds, plus keep track of baby kicks and contractions when the time comes. You’ll also receive random pregnancy facts, info about baby’s growth, and more — and there’s even a discuss forum to talk to other moms-to-be.

Pregnancy Tips

As your body changes during pregnancy, don’t neglect your changing feet! Keeping your feet comfortable keeps your back from pain and makes you a happier pregnant lady — so check out the specially-created MaternaSole™ and how it can help keep you comfortable. Check out our 10 tips for dealing with a summer pregnancy for great ideas to help you feel better this summer as your body is changing.

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