7 Maternity Fashion Must-Haves For Dressing Your Bump Comfortably

7 Maternity Fashion Must-Haves

Pregnancy is a time when a woman should feel glowing and beautiful, right? Well, we get that isn’t always the case, which is why we’ve put together this list of seven maternity fashion must-haves, with comfort being top-of-mind.

Try these items when dressing your baby bump:

  1. Maternity Camisoles – These are perfect for covering your bump and layering under a cardigan or for extra warmth under a T-shirt. Make sure it covers all the way down to your hips to accommodate a growing belly.
  2. A Great Pair of Jeans – You don’t have to spend big bucks, but get a great pair of maternity jeans that make you feel great and work with your growing shape.
  3. Leggings – No need to even buy maternity sizes since they stretch. Simply buy a cotton pair a few sizes bigger to save on cost and be incredibly comfortable throughout your pregnancy. If you’re pregnant across several seasons, leggings are great for pairing with tall boots in winter or sassy slip-on sandals in summer.
  4. Open Front Cardigans – Look for a draping, jersey-knit cardigan for maximum comfort. Look for a design that is shorter in the back than the front, so you can wrap the longer ends around your shoulders or sides for warmth and not have to worry about buttons.
  5. Maxi Dress – Maxi dresses can make the perfect statement for any belly shape and can easily be dressed up or down. Throw a cardigan over it for a special event, or pair it with flip-flops for a comfortable summer dress.
  6. Good Shoes – A solid pair of slip-on shoes are a must for pregnancy as your body grows and changes. Of course, we recommend pairing them with our product, MaternaSole, to help reduce back and foot pain, too!
  7. Cotton Skirts – A skirt in stretchable cotton is ideal for dressing up or down and keeping you cool as your hormones are sure to kick up your body heat a few notches.

Thankfully, maternity fashion has come a long way during the past decade and it’s easy to find comfortable yet cute clothing at stores like Target, Motherhood Maternity, A Pea In The Pod and Rosie Pope.

We hope your new maternity wardrobe will give you the confidence you need to embrace the changes happening with your body!

Where are your favorite places to shop for maternity clothing? Let us know!

If you know a mom-to-be, help her stay comfortable by giving her MaternaSole™, the shoe insert specially designed to help ease back in pregnant women! For more information on MaternaSole™, visit our website at innersolegroup.com, call us at 877-FOOT-EZE (877-366-8393) or visit us on Facebook or Twitter.

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