About Inner Sole Group

In 2004, Dr. Lawrence Brown began the Inner Sole Group, LLC., when he patented his new product, the “Soleair” insole. Like no other insole in the world, this insole provides both excellent shock absorption and substantial support to the arch. The slim design will fit in any type of shoe, men’s or women’s!

The Soleair line of products carry a unique patented design combining non-breakable air bubbles with a semi-flexable orthotic shell. Clinically tested at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan on a large group of pregnant females in their last trimester, the research revealed an 18% reduction in forefoot pressures in over 80% of those that wore the Soleair Insoles.

A board certified podiatrist, Dr. Brown has been practicing in suburban Detroit since 1984.

Residency: Trained at Brent General Hospital.
Graduated: Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine
Licensed: Michigan, Illinois, Florida

Board Certified:

  1. American Board of Podiatric Surgery
  2. American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics & Primary Podiatric Medicine

Fellow: American College of Foot and Ankle Surgery
President: Ryan Foot & Ankle Clinic, Centerline, MI

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