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What To Bring a New Mom: Tips for Bringing Food Over

It may seem that a new mom isn’t that busy since a newborn sleeps most of the day, but that just isn’t true! Sure, there will be lots of napping, but there’s also frequent feedings, plenty of holding, loads of laundry and oodles of time spent trying to calm a crying little one — and that’s if the baby doesn’t have any other issues!

What To Bring a New Mom

If you are visiting a new mom, check out our useful (and much appreciated) tips on What to Bring a New Mom when you’re stopping by for a visit:

For a brand-new mom, one of the most important — and useful — things you can do is to bring mom (and dad and siblings) some food. Because trust us, mom isn’t thinking about cooking full meals right now.

1. Find out their food likes or dietary restrictions. If you need to make a call and ask — do it. Or if you already know the type of food the new mom and dad enjoy, find something they would both like. Don’t be afraid to ask about dietary restrictions or allergies. Whether mom or dad is the primary cook, both will be tired and out of their element. Crossing dinner prep off the list is a relief for new parents!

2. Order carry-out. If you’re stopping by during the day, bring mom some lunch. Otherwise, she may forget to eat: New moms often neglect their own needs while caring for a tiny newborn, but she’ll need all the strength and energy she can get while adjusting to this new phase in her life.

3. Cook a meal. Once you’ve figured out what the family likes to eat and are aware of any special dietary restrictions, find a SIMPLE meal to make. Store it in a throw-away container or something they can pop in the freezer for later, if you can. Generally, any type of casserole works best. Why? Because there’s plenty of it for leftovers and it will reheat well. A well-balanced, nutritious meal will go far in keeping them energized to care for the new baby.

4. Pizza. Not Martha Stewart in the kitchen? That’s OK — just order a pizza or equally delicious take-out for them for dinner. Even if it seems like something the new parents can do for themselves, it saves them a trip out to get it and the planning it takes to order one and find cash if they want it delivered. Any food is good food!

5. Fruit and veggie trays. We all like easy snacks right? If you can’t bring an actual meal, providing them something healthy to graze on all day is good, too — because many times a new mom will heat up her meal and start to eat only to be interrupted by a crying little one who needs to be fed, too. So those carrot sticks and chunks of watermelon will be great to grab on the go.


A new mom has a lot on her plate (no pun intended), yet chances are she will still want to be a gracious host. When you announce you’re stopping by, she’ll try to figure out if she can manage to take a shower and make herself look presentable. There’s a good chance she’ll try to straighten up her home a bit. And then she’ll feel she has to entertain you after you’ve held her little bundle of joy.

Mom will be grateful to see you, but in those first few weeks she is in a whole different world. Give her a hug, hold the baby for a while, give her the food you brought and leave (unless you want to offer to clean her house or give her time to shower!). Save the longer conversations and visits for when she is more comfortable in her new role — because she’ll need your visits even more then!

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5 FREE Pregnancy Tracking Apps

Are you expecting? Congratulations! While growing a baby (or two or three), there are so many changes happening — and things to do — that tracking your pregnancy on your phone may help you keep things together. Have you wondered what fruit your baby is the size of each week? Some phone apps will let you know! By using a pregnancy tracker app, you’ll be more tuned in to what is going on with your baby and your body and you’ll be able to keep track of all things pregnancy.

Check out these 5 FREE Pregnancy Tracking Apps to guide your journey into motherhood.

5 Free Pregnancy Tracking Apps

1. What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker

This app, just like the “What to Expect” book, gives each mom-to-be answers to commonly asked questions and concerns. You’ll be able to see week-by-week details and illustrations as baby grows, receive daily pregnancy tips and you can read and post questions on the pregnancy and parenting forums. Plus, create a picture slideshow of your changing belly bump!

2. BabyCenter – My Pregnancy Today

This app lets you manage your health and weight gain with tips and recipes for eating well. This app is from the popular BabyCenter resource and helps prepare moms for their upcoming baby’s birth. Learn about how your baby and body are growing and changing — and see images of baby’s fetal development. You can receive reminders to alert you to appointments, etc., and get weekly notifications on your progress. BabyCenter also offers apps for parenting.

3. I’m Expecting – Pregnancy App

Wondering about those strange cravings you’re having and nervous about if that tingling in your fingers is normal? With this app, you can track your symptoms and compare them with other pregnant women’s symptoms. This MedHelp app allows you to add doctor appointments, get reminders about events, monitor your weight and more. You’ll also receive weekly updates on baby’s growth and you can connect with other moms-to-be for advice and support. Upload your pregnancy photos on this app, too.

4. BabyBump Pregnancy Free

Stay informed on your pregnancy — and share it all with your friends and family! With this app, you can count down the time remaining until delivery. You’ll receive tips and info on baby’s growth, along with changes you can expect to your body each week. This app also allows you to track your weight, mood, energy, appetite, morning sickness and more. When it comes time for labor, this app also provides a timer for contractions.

5. Happy Pregnancy Tracker

Put a widget for this app on your phone’s home screen and you can access all the info from one click. Schedule doctor appointments and ultrasounds, plus keep track of baby kicks and contractions when the time comes. You’ll also receive random pregnancy facts, info about baby’s growth, and more — and there’s even a discuss forum to talk to other moms-to-be.

Pregnancy Tips

As your body changes during pregnancy, don’t neglect your changing feet! Keeping your feet comfortable keeps your back from pain and makes you a happier pregnant lady — so check out the specially-created MaternaSole™ and how it can help keep you comfortable. Check out our 10 tips for dealing with a summer pregnancy for great ideas to help you feel better this summer as your body is changing.

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10 Tips For A Summer Pregnancy

Tips for a summer pregnancy

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Pregnant? Wondering how you’ll survive the summer? Don’t worry, these 10 Tips for a Summer Pregnancy will help you stay calm and cool while you’re waiting to meet your little one!

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
When you’re pregnant, it’s especially important to make sure you’re drinking enough water for you and baby — and during the summer, that becomes even more vital when you’re sweating away all those vital nutrients. Keep a water bottle with you at all times and try some fruit-infused water to switch things up a bit.

2. Put those feet up!
Women’s feet go through changes during pregnancy. Did you know that besides the hips, the feet are the only other body part that stretches while you’re pregnant? Getting off your feet helps ease swelling and discomfort.

3. Get MaternaSole™
When you can’t stay off your feet, try using MaternaSole™ in your shoes to help your feet — and back — feel better. These inserts were designed specifically for pregnant women and can help alleviate lower back pain. Make good use of them!

4. Pamper those feet!
Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t feel cute! Summer is the perfect excuse to get yourself a pedicure with a fresh polish color and a new cute pair (or three) of shoes. You’ll need sandals for moments on the beach, sneakers for walking around, comfy flat work shoes…oh, the possibilities!

5. Swim.
There’s nothing quite like the feeling of weightlessness that being submerged in water brings to a woman weighted down while growing a baby (or two or three) inside her. Swimming — or at least floating around in the water — relieves pressure and pain in your back from standing on your feet. Plus, it’s just refreshing!

6. Eat your fruits & veggies.
Your mom was right when she told you to eat your veggies, but it’s even more important to do so when you’re pregnant. Plus, veggies and fruits are low-calorie options with a lot of flavor — and nutrients — and are perfect for summer. Did you know watermelon is packed full of B vitamins, which help with energy?

7. Find some shade.
Since not all sunscreens are deemed safe to slather on while pregnant, make sure you’re covered up when you’re outside. Grab a fun hat with a wide brim and some trendy sunglasses to protect your face. If you are outside, limit exposure and avoid being outside when rays are strongest between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

8. Rest often.
Your body is going through plenty of changes right now that are exhausting, even if you don’t realize it. It’s easy to over-exert yourself, especially in the summer heat, so make sure you’re sitting down to rest with some water regularly.

9. Wear light clothing.
And we mean light as in light-colored AND light as in not-heavy. Wearing light colors helps to reflect the sun’s rays rather than absorb it like darker colors would and wearing a flowy dress or thin cotton top allows your skin to breathe and stay cool.

10. Get a massage.
Find someone who specializes in prenatal massage and enjoy the wonders of relaxation — along with some pain relief. A massage shouldn’t be a splurge when you’re pregnant, it should be a requirement: You’ve earned it!

For more information on MaternaSole™, follow us on Twitter or Facebook, visit our website at, or call us at 877-FOOT-EZE (877-366-8393).