News Release: Michigan-Based Inner Sole Group, LLC Makes Pregnancy More Comfortable with MaternaSole

(We’re excited to share our latest news release with you all today!)

Clinical studies at Wayne State University show a decrease in foot and back pain when wearing inserts

CENTER LINE, Mich. — Pregnant women experiencing foot and back pain need not suffer any longer. The Michigan-based company Inner Sole Group, LLC, has a product – MaternaSole –the world’s first patented shoe orthotic for pregnant women – that can help.

“It’s reported that up to 70 percent of women experience back and foot pain during pregnancy,” said Dr. Lawrence Brown, board certified podiatrist and MaternaSole creator. “I spent years researching and developing MaternaSole to help make pregnancy a bit more comfortable.”

Clinical tests at Wayne State University on pregnant women in their third trimester proved that wearing MaternaSole inserts helped to lessen foot pain and reduce lower back pain.

As a pregnant woman’s belly expands, her lower back curves to accommodate the growing baby, resulting in strained muscles and pain. In addition, a growing uterus shifts the center of gravity forward, putting even more pressure on the lower back and feet.

“Our research showed an 18-20% decrease of pressure on the foot when a woman was wearing MaternaSole inserts while pregnant, resulting in greater back and foot comfort,” said Dr. Brown. “Our unique design includes a layer of non-breakable air cells beneath a semi-flexible layer of polypropylene, enabling the user to control and support abnormal foot motion while also adding a layer of shock absorption.”

MaternaSole is available for shoe sizes six to 11 for $29.95 and can be purchased on the Inner Sole Group’s website, or on Amazon. The product fits in almost any closed-toed shoe and weighs less than five ounces.

To learn more about Inner Sole Group, visit, or follow the company’s Facebook or Twitter.


Our MaternaSole inserts may be purchased online here.

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