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The Story

Dr Brown

In 2004 Dr. Lawrence Brown had an idea for a new and innovative orthotic. Using a poypropelene insole, he put a piece of his pools solar cover on the bottom of the insoles, and found that walking around with them for several days relieved some of his back pain. He than contacted the worlds leader in bubblewrap manufacturing, SEALED AIR. Partnering with his friend, world renowned Obstetrician Dr.Bernard Gonik, they began a research project at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. They tested the new insoles on 44 pregnant women in their third trimester of pregnancy. The results were positive and the MaternaSole™ was born!

The Product

The MaternaSole™ insole was perfected after years of R&D. An unbreakable plastic bubble material was developed along with a unique process of adhering it to a high quality poly insole. Three different sizes to fit women's size 6 to 11. Our hi-tech manufacturing technique allows us to deliver the MaternaSole™ to you at a remarkable price!

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